Las Maneta - QUEEN Baroque style door handles.

                    QUEEN CLASSIC DOOR HANDLES.

manufactured in ITALY.


Just as the Baroque style aimed at creating wonder, the new Queen collection was created with the desire to astonish.


The grandeur and splendour of Seventeenth Century France are evoked by simple yet important motifs that immediately attract attention thanks to the valuable work and finishes. Imposing and elegant, Queen is the greatest tribute to the Baroque style ever to be created by Linea Calì.


But where does the term “Baroque” originate?


When, in the XVIII century, historians had to define the artistic style that had dominated the previous century, since the Baroque style was characterized by curved and irregular lines as opposed to simple and straight lines, they chose the term used for a slightly irregular pearl which in Portuguese was in fact called barocco which in Italy is identified as a freshwater pearl.

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