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         Las Maneta - NINFA Porcellana Italian design door handles.

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manufactured in ITALY.


Who said a vintage handle cannot be contemporary? The new Ninfa Porcellana is proof of that. A collection that we could almost define as “sentimental” due to its delicate and intimate appearance which is at the same time aristocratic.


With a brass stem that has been deliciously designed, the handgrip made of refined porcelain and the end part that resembles the headdress worn by women during the renaissance. Ninfa Porcellana gives a touch of vintage to all rooms, even the most contemporary, characterized by a shabby chic style.  

cat_ninfa-porcellana_rb015_1546 cat_ninfa-porcellana_rb113_1546

The Ninfa Porcellana collection encompasses all the necessary models for furnishing all environments:


Handle with and without rose 015

Handle with and without rose 113

Handle on plate 1397

Handle on plate 1395

Handle for DK window

Pull handle for entrance doors


The available finishes are as follows;


French gold

Gold plated

Patiné mat

Ninfa Porcellana: The handgrip in precious porcelain distinguishes this collection, which gives a delicately vintage touch to contemporary environments.