i've now been involved in the ironmongery trade for approximately 25 years and quite frankly i'm appalled at the demise of some the quality manufacturing companies that used to be in our trade,they just seem to have disappeared.


so this website is dedicated to few of those manufacturer's who i've come across and admire for there designs and quality and whilst they are not marques you may recognise in todays uk market place i can assure you they are products that are  made by true artisans in both manufacturing and design.


One of those companies is a spanish manufacturer based in cordoba, they have been trading over 100 years and are recognised has one of spain's leading handle manufacturer's, there's also an added bonus in that they are a family owned business and have  been throughout their entire existance.


This reflects in both there attitute to sales and quality, i've met the current family owner christobel and its a joy to see someone with so much enthusiasm and passion for the products that his factory manufactures.


The second company that we are introducing are an italian based manufacturing company, a company that i came across over 10 years ago who manufactures prestige designs of high quality and finished in ,gold plated,brass,chrome,swarovski crystal, etc.... very nice indeed.


The third prestige supplier that we would like to introduce is a award winning french glass manufacturer, based  just off the brittany coast, I came across these guys by chance but what a superb range.


Glass handles are not has commercially bound as some of the other products but this makes them a little unique, also put this together with the materials that they inlay into the glass ( gold,silver,and mixed gold and silver ) makes it a winning combination.


This is just a small selection of what i like so please peruse and if you like what you see but can't quite find the design that you require then please contact me and i'll do my  best to facilitate your requirements.



also there's more to come soon, so please keep watching this space.




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